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New Football Manager 2011

Football Manager 2011 – the game awaited by tremendous community in the whole planet. What new features should we wait from it in the nearest year? Revolutional or evolutional variations? These and row of other entertaining questions stay in minds of numberous people. It’s moment to answer on him or her!
Small changes are crucial as well
Small enhancements were a pet-subject in Football Manager games eternally. Of course, we await for bunch of new small features next Football Manager game. Several of them can be counted just right now: new strategies for talk with fans, opportunity to relation to youth academy, map with scouts (when you see Earth map with scouts assigned to different countries or even continents), increased quality of press conferences and may be few brand new tactical settings.

Player statistics
It’s quite clear that statistics in Football Manager 2010 is developed wonderfully. Although its details could get to a prominent level in Football Manager the new year. It would be great if developers add an ability to get afflicted with in sight all player’s tackles,shots,headers,goals,passes, regarding any season (not only current one).พนันบอลเล่นยังไง

New 3D pitch mode
Quite beautiful 3D mode is a huge breakthrough in the game series. Currently it is implemented very marvellously. Though as always there are some parts that can be enhanced. For example the following dumb faults should be fixed: wrong flag pointing by assistant referee, weird ball gravity. Moreover everybody would be glad to see more pretty 3D rendering of pitch, players, coaches. Another often inquired option is ideal 3D performance for low-end video note cards. So Sports Interactive Games (Football Manager development team) must improve much this link.

Focusing on coaching and transfers
Some guys are pretty disappointed that they still have no opportunity to become a presiding officer in Football Manager the year. They say it would be good to get such type of feature in sport. But it’s easy to reject these somewhat weird key points. Name of the game is Football Manager – it’s created to provide a coach simulation with transfers and contracts ruling in real soccer life. It’s excessively valuable point frankly. If you’d become a chairman in sport it must be named Football Chairman 2011!

If they supply all above discussed new features help you in making receive the almost all football manager game in account. Therefore it will be sold even more often than last version providing the highest level of profit for Sports Interactive Games. Everybody may delighted in the final!